Nations, humans, civilizations, organizations etc. all have collapsed many times in the history of mankind. We often ought to believe that the surrounding were not favorable.

Ships don’t sink because of water around them, ships sink Because of the water that gets into them

Nations, humans, civilizations, organizations etc. all have collapsed many times in the history of mankind. We often ought to believe that the surrounding were not favorable.

However, if we take a closer look, we will find that the major reason lies within them.

When U.S. dropped Nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world thought it will the end of Asia’s first Superpower, Japan. But Japan rose up again with it’s policy of ‘built again better’

And taught us all that our strength, lies with USSR the biggest superpower once is now dis integrated, and struggling to get it’s part glory back. No external power raged war against USSR, it was all from within itself.

Successful Nations, people civilizations etc. all are not, so called successful in the eyes of the world because they had the most favorable surrounding but because the most favorable core values.

Max weber in his theory of Protestant Ethics and capitalism point out to a relationship between religion and capitalism. We established that protestants were more likely to become capitalists because their religion embibes  those core values, like work is worship, there is no afterlife etc., they believe getting most out of their life.

In a similar way, if we go back to our history, we are most likely to believe that the fall of Mauryan empire and the establishment of British rule over India was mainly due to the external factors that affected our country during the 16th and 17th century.

However again, if we take a closer look we will find that our ships was already filled with water.

That is to say that Mauryan dynasty was lacking a strong ruler after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, India was split into many small kingdoms which were in constant fight with on another, The Zamidars used to exploit the peasants, many social evils like the Sati Pratha, lack of formal education etc. used to prevail.

But again, when we realized our core strength, we became a sovereign republic nation and became the 6th Largest economy in just 75 years of Independence.

Furthermore, if we take this to an individual level, we will find the growing number of suicides and mental health patients rising, which can also be attributed to the pandemic situation in 2021.

Many of them lost their jobs, some lost their loved ones. It was a difficult year for all of us.

But again, it all lies in our mind and our mindset toward life, failure and adverse situations.

If we don’t allow the things external to us spoil our inner core we can face any situation.

Taking an example from the life of Abraham Lincoln, he failed in almost all his endeavors before he went on to become the president of U.S.

Similarly, the founder of Mc Donald’s became successful in his late 50’s.

Tay Kroc, CEO & founder of McDonalds said one that ‘It is persistence that makes successful people different from others.

The talented fail, world is full of talented people who give up.

The educated fail, world is full of educated fools.

Genius fail, unrecognized genius is a cliché.

Nothing can take place of persistence and preservance.

We all fail, we all have difficult and adverse situations that we face in life and many other external things that influence our life. But that is nothing new ups and downs are a part of life.

The X-factor lies in how we overcome those adversities and atrocities in life.

That is what differentiates the successful from those who wait for the right opportunity whole their life.

Similar is the case with technologies and technological firms. There was a time when Apples biggest competitor was IBM

Which also made personal computers for the next generation.

IBM remained there only where as Apple went on to become the number one in the world.

Now if we see we might explain that IBM’s fall was due to redundancy of personal computers and that they are not needed much.

However, same was the case with Apple which moved on and changed itself according to the need of it’s consumers. Now Apple Inc. is not very famous for it’s personal computers but for it’s iphones.

Hence, most of the things we look at from a broader perspective seems to be affected due to the external factors mainly – But again, if we take a closer look, we will find that it is the hole in our own ship that lets the water inside.

To back this idea of internal and external factors that influence everything, we can see the growing rise of management consulting firms, their sole job is to find the flaws within a firm from a third persons perspective, who are also the experts in this.

Many management consulting firms made their way into the list of forbes 500.

Hence, It is rightly said that we are our own enemy but can be our biggest friend too.

The unthinkable first ship ever made is the Titanic sank in the first journey. This is one the biggest irony. But, did it sank due to thunderstorm or tsunami? Or high waves? The answer is No.

It was an internal flow i.e. the negligence of the sailor. Thus, if we have external atrocities we might overcome them, for example, not all sinkable ships before titanic actually sank. But, our inner demons is what pulls us down.


Therefore, the ship do not sink because of water around them. Infact, the more the water around the ship the better it will sail.

Similarly, the more hurdles we cross, the  more success we get.

However, ships sink when water gets inside them. If it’s a hole inside us, if the hurdle that we need to cross to reach the success is our own, it is the n when we fail and sink.

Rightly said by Kalaed Morreini in his Novel and the mountain echoed – “Cruelity and benevolence are, but the shades of the same colour”.

Hence, it is the atrocities that we fear might kill us, makes us the greatest warriors.

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