The Global automotive industry is transforming the trends rapidly that will ultimately redefine automotive sales and aftersales all over the world.

future automotive industry in india and the world
Global Automotive Industry Trends

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a huge amount of disruption, it is underlining the urgency for transformation and acting as an accelerant for trends shaping the industry.

Anlyzing and quantifying the impact of these trends and industry drivers on OEM revenues and profits for different geographic markets upto 2035 is necessary for all big player of the automotive sector.

The automotive industry is making dramatic changes every year. There are tons of studies with different views different aspects but none with holistic view of what’s going on over the next fifteen years.

There are many factors that are driving it but it’s really a convergence of three primary trends that have been going on within the auto industry and outside the auto industry for almost the past decade.

So, the first trend is related to consumers, consumer preferences.

Second is regulation and the third is disruption from technologies.

It’s going to be much more difficult for automotives using existing business models to generate a return on invested capital,

The automotive industry will grow over the next 15 years however there is big difference between the markets

We see dramatic growth in China but stagnation continues in United States and Europe.

Sales over the next 15 years will grow, however, there is slow down over the next fifteen years and we see a dramatic shift from private to fleet business.

The other thing, as we shift to electric vehicles, aftersales over time will ultimately decline.

There is fewer components, there is fewer repair requirements associated with electric vehicles over an internal combustion engine.

Financial services will dramatically grow and this will be the only big

business to compensate the loss aftersales.

But where is the biggest opportunity is going to be is around really providing new business models associated with multimodal transportation and other forms of movements of goods and people.

And this is significant challenge to automobile companies.

Latest Car Trends in the world
Future Predictions of the auto sales and aftersales

We all know that the challenge associated with ride hailing services even though the demand is extraordinarily high, the ability to generate profitability from those services is challenging.

Car as a Platform is growing segment, in particular in China.

We see connectivity services mainly as an enabler to serve customers outside.

China is the only market that is really growing at the moment.

Overall, the businesses will grow exponentially.

Chinese customers and consumers still want to own a vehicle, whether they use it or not, but there is still a huge demand for Cars in China.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of potential in terms of revenue, it is more about the marginal effect. How do they really make money?

And the biggest challenge that we see in China right now.

Think about how can digitalization help dealers, how can it help their car manufacturers to really making money out of those new customers?

In Japan, the private use of new car sales is completely higher than in other countries, like Europe.

But we have a very big issue in Japan about the demography, population and generation issues.

Decreasing the New Car sales unit can help in resolving the issues.

Japanese companies are investing a huge amount of money into alternative powertrain systems but alternative powertrain system is not the factor which we need to consider when we think about new car sales.

They have to survive with transformed infrastructure and smart city businesses, to get mobility businesses.

Beside fleet business, OEMs in Europe need to think about their sales operating model.

Considering that there will be mainly electric cars in big cities and ICEs in rural areas, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

OEMs need to think about different business and operating models.

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