Salient features of Indian Society

  • Diversity ( Types – linguistic, social and religious, race, tribe and ethnicity, culture)
  • Challenges posed by Diversity
  • Unity
  • Pluralism
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Inequality and Exclusion
  • Family System

Role of Women and Women’s organization

  • Women’s organizations – empowerment through action
  • 19th century social reform movements and early women’s organizations
    • Agrarian struggles and revolt
    • Participation in freedom struggle
  • Women’s organizations post -1947
  • Resurgence of women’s movement in the 70s
    • Emergence of new organizations
    • Approaches and issues
  • Contemporary women’s issues and organization response
  • Women’s organizations and SHGs
  • Challenges faced by women’s organization

Population and Associated issues

  • Basic demography of India
  • Population trends in India and their implications
  • Causes and effects of over population
  • Challenges of population explosion
  • Changing age structure of Indian population
  • Demographic dividend: Boon or bane for india

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