Face masks have become more crucial from the last pandemic years. It is one of the best tools to control the spreading of viruses and bacteria. Now you always need a face mask, especially when you go outside your home or at some gatherings.

So, a mask after one day becomes useless, and we need the new one, which can increase our expenses. It is a better idea to make a permanent face mask at home. If you are looking for some cheap ideas to make a face mask, then read our below content and know the way to make a face mask.

How can you make a face mask at home?

If you have little know-how about sewing clothes, then it is quite simple to make a face mask, follow these simple steps and make your face mask.

  • First of all, arrange tools and materials for the face mask. You will need Scissors, a sewing machine, Iron and sewing pins. For the mask materials, you will need yard cotton fabric and elastic. You can take elastic and fabric according to the face of the user.
  • Once you have arranged above items, now cut the fabric that fits your face; the average size for adults face mask 9×6 inches, for children’s 7×5 inches. But you will need to cut two pieces for each mask.
  • After that, now cut the elastic for the face mask, but do not cut more than 7 inches long.
  • Now lay down the fabric one piece on the flat surface, pin the fabric and elastic together, but keep a half-inch distance from the top and bottom of the fabric.
  • Then, place the second piece of the fabric on the pinned fabric, but make sure both pieces are right sides together, then secure the pin.
  • Now sew the elastic edges into the edges of fabric rectangles, but leave a gap of two inches for turning. After that, reach inside the rectangle and turn its right side out. You will have a rectangle with 2 loops of the elastic.
  • After sewing, iron the mask’s sides, to make it more comfortable, you can topstitch the face mask fabric from all around. Your mask is ready to use.

It is essential to have face masks when we go outside, but it becomes too expensive to purchase a mask every day for you and your family members. You can save your money by making a face mask at home in the above simple way.