What if Lockdown Continues for Next 14 Years

what if lockdown continues

One of the most significant public health measures which takes place during the Covid-19 pandemic has been extended, periods of “lockdown” where whole population have been advised to remain in their houses other than to collect necessary items to take care for themselves or for others.

There are increasing measures to understand the impact of this lockdown, closure of schools, effect on the mental health and well-being of children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic. As, lockdown measures began to ease, we all require an understanding of what children and young people have been experienced during the lockdown period as well as how children and young people can be supported more to resume to normal life or the “new normal life” for the coming months or over years.


Since past months all of us have been locked to our homes. The way we are working now is very different from the past life. Covid-19 has left a significant impact on human life. The restrictions of lockdown and dangerous virus have got the entire world to a still position.

If we look at the positive side, people are now be able to spend amount of time with their families. In past life, it’s very challenging to even spend an hour with our loved ones with the work load , but this pandemic has got all the family members closer. The positive and homely environment of our surroundings has got a good and drastic change in human behavior.

People were relaxing, spending more time on their hobbies and interests, and were having fun at home during lockdown period. The bonds become more tighter, people had now more time of taking care of themselves, enjoyed a cup of tea sitting in the balcony during the evening time, listening to birds chirping and breathe fresh air. There are always two sides of everything. Similarly, lockdown also has negative impact on human behavior.

There has been increase in violence, suicides, unemployment, lack of basic needs, closure of schools and colleges and mainly many families lost their loved ones due to this pandemic.


We need to make our world a better place to live In, but what if lockdown continues for next 14 years? The Covid-19 lockdown has created a vulnerable impact on the lives of people. It affected people physically, socially and mentally. If lockdown continued for the next 14 years, there will be huge unemployment, people will suffer from mental issues like depression, anger issues , frustration, change in child behavior, well being and lives will get destroyed.

They can instill a sense of fear if their home is not a safe place to live. Some children have also been away from their parents due to lockdown restrictions as no one can replace a human life. There have been many cases where a Covid positive was left alone with no family and friends support. A person committed suicide because her family didn’t welcomed her after successfully being treated from Covid-19.


We need to focus on the mental health and motivate people around us to be positive. Be empathetic, positive, take care of people around us and make this “world a better place to live”.  

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